Metawork for Engineering Leaders Part 3 – Wrapping Up Projects

See part 1, which discusses setting the stage for effective collaboration and part 2, which discusses managing healthy projects.

Seasons leaders understand that wrapping up a project involved much more than choosing what to work on next. Part of the impact for the team and the broader org is the learnings you gained. Every initiative, whether it ends in fanfare or failure, produces knowledge other people can benefit from. Socializing that knowledge among the groups that can benefit the most is a vital step for any non-trivial project.


  • What was the metrics impact?
  • How did we do relative to the goals we set?


  • Do you understand what went well or didn’t go well?
  • Are we using what we learned to inform decision making for future projects?


  • Do stakeholders understand that the project has concluded?
  • Do stakeholders and the team understand the project’s impact and what we learned?
  • Are you recognizing the team appropriately for what they contributed to the project?

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