Recent Talks and Articles

Managing Culture at Scale

CTO Summit

Here’s a condensed version of my talk about tactics you can use to manage culture at scale.

How to Build Your Learning Culture

A commissioned article I wrote for Lead Dev about a novel L&D program I designed that has since been employed by several different companies

“As companies evolve continuously to keep up with the pace of innovation, employees must learn continuously as their teams adopt new strategies, technologies, and best practices. In a VUCA world, teams that learn well, perform well….”

Cheat Codes for Managing Application Performance

NY Web Performance Meetup

Lessons learned from working on application performance for homegrown web frameworks across three different companies

Principles for Managing Application Quality

Lead Dev

Practical advice for using systems thinking to reason about the full sociotechnical system – code, system design, process, culture, and more

Can Androids Conceive of Electric Sheep?

Strange Loop Conference 2019

I stay in touch with the joy of programming by regularly exploring crazy ideas. I may have gone too far this time…


Your Hiring Pipeline is a Product

CTO Summit

How to approach your hiring pipeline with the same level of rigor as the products you ship to users

How to Grow Your Learning Culture

CTO Summit

Using social learning to systematically turn skills gaps on your team into strengths and core competencies

The Retro Podcast

by Merit

A fun conversation with Kirk and Randy, cofounders of Merit

Kwame is currently the Founder and Principal at Magnetic, which provides coaching for engineering leaders and social learning experiences for emotional intelligence, software delivery best practices, leadership, and more.

CTO Connection Podcast

by CTO Connection

Reflections on my career with Peter Bell, organizer of the CTO Summit and founder of CTO Connection

Learning doesn’t end once you’ve earned your degree. Developers and engineers must stay up to date with their skills and emerging technologies. But most of the time, employees are expected to take on this additional learning on their own. Our guest this week on CTO Connection is Kwame Thomison, a consultant and leadership coach formerly of Meebo, Facebook, and Asana. Kwame discusses different learning models that can be integrated into workplaces to create a strong culture of learning and collaboration