Mastering Tech Leadership

Mastering Tech Leadership

Learn to be a force multiplier for your teammates

New tech leads face challenges that are nuanced, highly varied, and fundamentally different from purely technical problems. The best TLs tend to study leadership fundamentals, learn to own their professional development, and establish a healthy iterative loop to ensure they improve naturally over time.

Imagine a world where

  • You’re always clear on the most impactful ways to spend your time
  • Decision-making feels fun and exciting rather than time-consuming and frustrating
  • You understand how to motivates and support your colleagues
  • Everyone knows who is doing what by when
  • You’re fully in charge of your personal growth and career

This proven curriculum will make that world a reality!

You’ll learn about…

  • Software delivery best practices that will help you and your team move fast
  • Managing your time to ensure you always have enough space to focus on what’s important
  • Decision making frameworks that will help build confidence and alignment among your colleagues
  • Effecting organizational change by uncovering opportunities and evangelizing new best practices
  • …and more!

Formats available

This course is available as a one day group bootcamp, which is the most expedient way to start mastering tech leadership.

This course is also available as a weeks-long deep learning experience, which is slower-paced, produces greater tangible change, and offers more support (group discussions, office hours, and 1:1 coaching). Your learning goals will organized into learning sprints that include reading assignments and practice exercises that compliment your work. This is suitable for teams excited to grow together or individuals who prefer more 1:1 support. You’ll also receive a Magnetic Impact Report to help you understand the full impact of the program.

Group BootcampGroup ImmersiveGroup Mastery1:1 Mastery
Duration1 day8 weeks8 weeks16 weeks
Biweekly Discussion Facilitationn/a
Office Hours
Magnetic Impact Report
1:1 CoachingAdd-onAdd-on

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